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Hello! I am Jenn, the proud creator of Love UR Mug! I have 3 amazing daughters (2 human and the 3rd is my dog), a wonderful husband, and 2 cats. I’m an artist (of many medias), a traveler, a house painter, and I love music! The rhythm in all things help me stay connected. There’s always good tunes playing, which seem to help me focus on whatever it is I may be working on at the moment.


I often get asked how I came to making the soaps and skin care that I do. Well, this is how it all began; I was born with the most sensitive skin and was more than often a victim of eczema. It was painful and insanely itchy (this is putting it mildly)! Nothing ever really seemed to cure my discomfort, except steroids! The worst thing ever for your body (they deposit on your brain and never leave your body)! What stores have to offer, generally only mask the problems I used to experience with eczema, and they always felt greasy and very heavily scented with synthetic fragrance.


As I grew older, I realized how important taking care of myself inside and out was. I quickly became more healthy in body and mind, I was a natural at it! For 15 years, I was a vegetarian with a very balanced diet, eating only all natural foods, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water, yet my eczema persisted. Not as often, but I still had occasional flare ups.


I started applying my knowledge of herbs and essentials oils into creating skin care. Lots of trial and error went into making the right product before I started seeing and feeling real results. The proper ingredients and formulas has changed my world!


I have been blending essential oils for over 25 years, which lead to my curious nature of figuring out how the oils were harvested and processed, that is how I became fascinated with the power of plants and herbs! I have been making skin care for about 10 years and I have not had one complaint or flare up with eczema since!


Through my research, experience, efforts and applied knowledge, I am happy to announce that I feel very comfortable in my own skin, which is the largest organ of our bodies; my body and mind are working harmoniously.

Which is why it became our mission to improve the Quality, Appearance and Health of your skin, too; after all… if you look good, you feel good!



By focusing on holistic therapy, meticulous design, and organic ingredients that are all environmentally sound, we want you to know that we promise to improve the Quality, Appearance, and Health of your skin.


Indulge yourself! You deserve it!


After all, if you LOOK good... you FEEL good!


Breath... Feel... Love... Heal!


love ur mug




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