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Grow With The Flow

The phrase 'Spring Ahead' has a more profound meaning than simply pushing our clocks ahead one hour!

It's (almost) time to look back at our winter coats and clothes put away for the warmer seasons.

Spring is literally around the corner!

Which leads me to discuss the amazing benefits of goat milk!

Goat milk contains alpha-hydroxy such as lactic acid, which helps to remove dead skin cells. This leaves new cells on the surface of our skin that are smoother and younger looking. Goat milk contains a particularly large amount of Vitamin A, which is necessary in repairing damaged skin tissue.

The fat molecules found in goat milk are an important part of making good soap. The cream helps boost the moisture quality. Goat milk soap will not dry your skin; keeping skin naturally moisturized helps keep skin healthy.

If you haven't been using the goat milk soap that we make, now is a great time to start; its time to look back at dull dry skin, that hasn't seen the sun in a few months, and move forward.

Now that we have our skin care regimented to prepare for spring; its time to start planning our gardens.

If you are like me, I am always thinking about flowers, herbs and vegetables. I love planting the seeds, tending to them and watching them grow! The fruits from the labor far exceed any expectation!

As time inevitably moves forward, there's no more time to look back.

Grow with the flow.

What do you look forward to this spring?


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