Shave UR Mug


Enhance your shave experience with a blast from the past! Goat's milk soap combined with Earth's organic clays and essential oils, leave your skin feeling noticeably smoother, beneficial for tighter pores.

16oz Rubber sealed container.

  • Shave UR Mug has been intentionally crafted to reduce irritation, by refining your pores and moisturizing your mug; creating a silky, smooth shave.

    We use our goat's milk soap and infuse Fuller's Earth Clay and Bentonite Clay, which tightens pores, then Essential Oils are added to repair damaged skin cells and act as an anti-inflammatory.


    Directions for use: With warm water, wet the shave brush. Once sufficiently wet swish on top of the shave soap until you have a desired lather. Apply to face and neck. Shave. Rinse. 

    Dont forget to rinse your brush. Always good pravtice to keep your tools clean.

  • If you are dissatisfied with this product, please let us know and we will gladly refund or exchange, for equal or lesser value.

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